The Rising Role of the Millennial Employee in Canada’s Packaging Industry

Canadian Millennials grew up as part of a generation that could ship just about everything online, whether it is clothing or the latest electronics gadget. So it’s perhaps no surprise that they are particularly open to the idea of now working within Canada’s packaging industry. The good news is that jobs in design, marketing and operations are now open for top Millennial job candidates, with many of these new employment opportunities now appearing on the nation’s top job boards.

There are a few factors that make the match between Millennials and the packaging industry such a natural fit. First and most importantly, Millennials are driven by a sense of purpose. While compensation obviously matters, one factor that usually ranks right near compensation is the ability to do work that matters. For Millennials, this can mean anything from helping to save the environment or working for a business who donates a percentage of their sales to a worthy cause.

That’s an area where companies within Canada’s packaging industry are proving to be an attractive fit, due to their emphasis on the environmentally-friendly packaging that’s good for the environment. Instead of bulky plastics and other materials that are harmful to the environment, packaging companies are embracing environmentally-friendly materials. They are also focusing on the minimization of waste during the packaging process, including the ability to re-use materials.

Another facet of the packaging industry that appeals to the modern Canadian Millennial is the relatively flat management structure of these companies. Millennials are used to having their voices heard, and they expect to have a say in the future of the company almost in the first day they start.

That’s a good fit for packaging companies, which are typically flat organizations where there are plenty of opportunities to offer feedback. In short, instead of waiting for an annual performance review, they can expect frequent and informal feedback.

Finally, Millennials value a flexible work environment that respects the work-life balance. They don’t mind working long hours for a worthy cause, but they also want to have the flexibility to work on their terms. The work-life balance is an important one since many Millennials have passions and interests outside of the workplace.

That transition has been an easy one for Canada’s packaging solution companies, which are highly attuned to the needs of young Millennials. At some of these companies, for examples, employees can work from home when they need to take care of personal responsibilities. And the floor layout of these companies often resembles what you might expect from a thriving Toronto-area technology startup – open-plan office space, plenty of meeting rooms, and plenty of team activities that create opportunities to bond.

Technology has played such an important role in custom packaging solutions; that plays another important role in attracting Millennials. Important technology trends such as mobile, the cloud, and Big Data are also re-shaping the way Canadian packaging companies design solutions for their clients. One thing is certain: the packaging industry in Canada is accepting new employment from the millennial generation employee.